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Home Access to Justice Week Programming A2J Week 2021: Access to justice tools and resources for sole practitioners and small firms

A2J Week 2021: Access to justice tools and resources for sole practitioners and small firms

October 26, 2021
Tuesday October 26, 2021
4 – 5 p.m.

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This program contains 30 minutes of Professionalism Content.

If you’re a sole practitioner or work in a small firm, you know all too well that balancing your time and available resources are essential to providing the best service to your clients. In this case study, participants will learn how to efficiently and effectively use legal research tools.

Moderated by Joan Rataic-Lang, the Executive Director and Library Director of the Toronto Lawyers Association, participants will be guided through the case study with sole practitioner, Fred Glady.

They will then be joined by Sandra Levin, the LA Law Library Executive Director, to learn about how the library carries out its mandate to support access to justice for members of the public through cooperative and coordinated programs with other justice sector participants.


Fred Glady is a lawyer and serves as principal at GladyLaw.
Sandra J. Levin is the executive director of LA Law Library. Since she began her role in 2012, she has been a zealous advocate for access to justice and has significantly expanded public access and programming.  Ms. Levin also serves as the president of the California Council of County Law Librarians, a member of the California Access to Justice Commission and a member of the California Library Association’s legislative advocacy committee.  Prior to becoming executive director, Ms. Levin practiced public law, acting as the city attorney for several cities in addition to serving as general counsel to other local government agencies.  Ms. Levin also previously held elected office as mayor and councilmember for the City of Culver City. 


Joan Rataic-Lang
Executive Director/Library Director
Toronto Lawyers Association (TLA)

This session is hosted in partnership with the Toronto Lawyers Association.
Terms or Concepts Explained