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Home Access to Justice Week Programming A2J Week 2021: Justice on the ground

A2J Week 2021: Justice on the ground

October 27, 2021
Wednesday, October, 27, 2021
7 - 8:30 pm ET

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What do we know about what the search for “justice” looks like on the ground, for those who are at risk of losing their jobs, their homes, or the security of a living income?  How do these insecurities – often overlapping and compounding, affect people’s lives? How do people seek assistance, and what are they looking for? What kind of on the ground services can they access, and are they enough? And, finally, what needs to happen – practically, on the ground, to improve their ability to access “meaningful justice”?
A panel of front-line workers and leaders from across the province, providing assistance in a variety of community-based not-for-profit settings, will share their perspectives on these and other questions. Drawing from their experiences working with and supporting people on the front lines, the panelists will give their frank and constructive views on what it will take to make meaningful access to justice more of a reality.   
Participants can expect to:
  • Increase their understanding of how many people in Ontario, particularly those who face various forms of social disadvantage, experience and deal with problems that may, in one way or another, involve the law
  • Be sparked to consider how they may be able to support, partner, or otherwise engage to help build more meaningful on-the-ground justice.
This session is hosted by Community Legal Education Ontario.

Please note that the application for CPD Professionalism accreditation is pending.
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