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Below is our library of infographics, highlighting engagement efforts and the value of collective impact.

  • Librarians and Access to Justice in Ontario

    We surveyed librarians across the province to learn more about their day to day reality as access to justice agents. With support from the Southern Ontario Library Service (SOLS), we learned that patrons most often have problems with accessing government benefits, housing, separation or divorce, employment and wills. 

    Challenges from the librarian perspective related to resources — not enough time for in-depth conversations with patrons, limited knowledge about where to refer patrons for help and digital divide issues such as low rates of internet literacy among patrons. We were thrilled to learn that 83% of respondents were eager to receive training that would improve access to justice for their patrons and are working with CLEO on implementation.

    Librarians and Access to Justice in Ontario

    Download the full infographic

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