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TAG’s report provides helpful insights and contributes to key access to justice questions.

  • Millennials, Technology and Access to Justice

    This report provides helpful insights and contributes to key questions that access to justice and legal technology advocates may be asking: Are Ontario Millennials ready for disruptive services in justice? Why would Ontario Millennials seek justice through technology? What are potential challenges to the adoption of digital justice initiatives? Results are from an online survey conducted by Abacus Data in September 2017 with 1,000 Ontario residents aged 18 to 36. 

    Report Highlights:

    • More than half (58%) of Millennials say finding information about even the basics of the Ontario’s legal system is a key challenge. 
    • The most frequent legal challenges experienced by Millennials were employment and work-related matters (16%) and housing law (16%). 
    • Millennials show keen interest in a range of access to justice initiatives. The most appealing was an online legal database that allows user to search for information about common legal problems, learn from other people’s experiences, or find a legal professional in their area. Nine in ten (91%) respondents felt this initiative was a good or very good idea. 

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    *Updated report posted on October 26, 2017
  • Public Perceptions of Access to Justice in Ontario

    TAG is pleased to release the results of Public Perceptions of Access to Justice in Ontario. Conducted by Abacus Data, this online study surveyed 1,500 Ontarians ages 18 and over in August 2016. 

    Highlights from the study include: 

    • 40 per cent of Ontarians do not believe that they have fair and equal access to the justice system 
    • Of those who have needed legal help, most of the respondents (46 per cent) sought advice from lawyers and almost one third (32 per cent) turned to friends or family for advice 
    • ​Surprisingly, only 26 per cent turned to the internet for information.

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